Friday, May 1, 2009



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I never believed in ghosts but this picture changed everything. There appears to be the face of a woman behind the window. What is frightening about this is that at in the same room a pregnant woman had committed suicide. I am from the Philippines and we believe in a form of ghost called a Pontianak - which literally mans childbearing ghost.

The woman who committed suicide had been raped and we believe that her spirit returns on the same date every year to seek revenge on her rapists.

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  1. ON(PREGNANT GHOST SEEKS REVENGE) Pic i say tht it is not true, this is fake pic and story... just the pic you post in the name "Lady Dracula" just like tht its a fake, I have tht pic of the ghost which appear in this picture and there you find some another story of tht ... I just have to clear tht this type of pics of the image can seen to clear in the pictures.they can Just show the shadow or the light view of their bodies..

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    Thanks in advance..!